About RadZoneKids.com

"RadZone Kids" is an easy-to-use community resource to help children better understand and prepare for various diagnostic imaging tests, including CT scans, MRI scans and X-rays. The website also serves as a resource for parents and caregivers, as they seek additional information about these procedures, and how best to prepare children for testing.

What is RadZone Kids?

RadZone Kids, which is free and available to the public, was designed from a child’s perspective, with animated characters, bright colors, easy-to-understand descriptions and an emphasis on learning through simulation and interaction.  Children can choose a character and an “adventure” – a CT scan, MRI scan or an X-ray – to better understand and visualize what will happen during the actual test. Descriptions of the tests are available in language suitable for children and for adults, and there is a parent/caregiver learning section with information about the procedure and questions to ask the child’s physician in advance of the procedure.

Why RadZone Kids?

NIA developed this site as a resource in hopes of creating a better test experience for a child, who may be scared and anxious about things they don’t understand.  The hope is to cut down on the number of repeat tests needed.  According to a study published in the Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine, an average child in the United States may receive as many as seven radiation scans by the age of 18. This trend can be worrisome, when considering the increased sensitivity to radiation levels of younger patients, and the potential risks associated with radiation exposure.

Every exposure to radiation adds up over time. NIA's Radiation Calculator can help estimate the radiation dose from the medical tests. See how your results compare to other types of radiation exposure. 

Radiation Calculator

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